We get asked all the time, “Are the SHAPE Drops safe?” The quick answer is yes, the SHAPE Drops are safe.

With any medicine or treatment method, it’s normal to wonder whether it is safe. In fact, we want you to ask this question about the things that you put into your body. Asking “Are the SHAPE Drops safe?” will not offend us. We welcome and appreciate genuine inquiries about the safety of our products and protocol.

Since SHAPE ReClaimed was founded, we have experienced our fair share of judgment, disparagement and ridicule. But here’s the interesting thing about out-of-the-box ideas and newly discovered truths: They are often met with judgment, disparagement and ridicule.

From the idea that the earth revolves around the sun and the development of germ theory to Einstein’s cosmological constant and countless other scientific discoveries, many ideas were considered absurd when introduced. But time passed, technology advanced, and we learned that these theories weren’t theories at all; they were fact.

At SHAPE ReClaimed, we believe strongly in patient and practitioner education. That’s why we provide articles and other resources here on the SHAPE ReClaimed website. This is also why we work exclusively with credentialed healthcare professionals and require patient monitoring.

Your health, safety and success are of utmost importance to us, and we require each of our SHAPE practitioners to go through a thorough training process and we provide annual three-day SHAPE symposiums. This focus on practitioner education and patient monitoring helps keep the SHAPE Drops and program safe and effective.

Educate yourself on the SHAPE Program and our SHAPE Drops. Spend time on our website, research our claims using independent sources, talk with your SHAPE practitioner, and talk with friends and family who have experienced the SHAPE Program. Learn what makes the SHAPE Drops safe, and then decide if they are right for you.


What makes the SHAPE Drops Safe?

We were recently made aware of some statements made by a physician on Facebook regarding strychnine, one of the active ingredients in our SHAPE Drops. This physician said the addition of strychnine to our formula was concerning because strychnine is toxic in its raw form.

It’s true that the word “strychnine” is included in the list of ingredients under the words “Proprietary Nanomolecular Blend.” Nanomolecular strychnine is more commonly called Nux vomica after its scientific name, Strychnos nux-vomica.

We explain nanomolecular medicine in greater detail in the article, “SHAPE Drops: Our Unique Formula” but briefly, the term nanomolecular refers to particle size and the manipulation of individual molecules. While strychnine is a poisonous substance in its raw form, a nanodose of strychnine is perfectly safe. In fact, the processing of a substance from its raw form to a nanomolecular dose changes the molecules in such a way that it is not only non-toxic, but also therapeutic.

To address this physician’s concerns and answer the question “Are the SHAPE Drops safe?” Dr. Todd Frisch, founder and developer of SHAPE ReClaimed, responded with the following statement:



(C)Guy Ackermans 2005

(C)Guy Ackermans 2005

“Throughout my entire career — nearly four decades — I was attacked for the procedures and therapies I recommended. My usual response was, and is today, ‘the highest form of ignorance is to condemn something you know nothing about.’ I formulated the SHAPE supplement over eight years ago and have used each single ingredient thousands of times with thousands of patients with thousands of success stories. Not one time was anyone harmed.


“I used Nux vomica on babies as young as one week old. It is the preeminent remedy for children with tummy aches. Common indications include over-indulgence, hangover, diarrhea, vomiting, indigestion, gas, bloating, headaches and more. I personally keep a bottle of Nux vomica in my truck, at my desk and on my nightstand. Anytime I feel any type of digestive distress, it is my go-to.


“I welcome any healthcare professional who does not understand nanomolecular nutrition to call me directly and discuss the efficacy and safety of these non-toxic substances. Anyone can read our full ingredient list on the SHAPE ReClaimed website.  

“Nanomolecular nutrition can take strychnine, or poison nut tree, and dilute it to such a degree that it becomes non-toxic, safe and therapeutic. This is no different than allopathic medicine sourcing seemingly toxic substances and making them therapeutic. The difference is, unlike prescription drugs, there are no side effects from nanomolecular nutrition.

“There is room for both therapies, and they can and should coexist for the mutual benefit of the patient. Neither is right or wrong. They are simply different. Making erroneous statements on either side of the fence is completely inappropriate.”


Are the SHAPE Drops safe? Yes, absolutely. But, if you don’t want to take our word for it, just ask any one of our hundreds of practitioners throughout the country and the thousands of patients that have restored their health through the SHAPE Program since 2010.

For more answers to the question “Are the SHAPE Drops Safe?” read through the other articles on the SHAPE ReClaimed website. We have a variety of articles that explain how our products and our program work. We also share the science that makes the SHAPE Drops safe and effective.


“All truth passes through three stages:
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
– Arthur Schopenhauer, philosopher