What should my daily water intake be? If you pose this question to five people, you’ll likely get five different answers. Half your body weight in ounces? Eight 8-oz. glasses? Only when you’re thirsty? Only during a meal? Never during a meal? Which guideline is correct? The answer is that there is no perfect answer that works for everyone.

The SHAPE Program is designed to be tailored to you. This is why we set a foundation and advise practitioners to make adjustments as needed, based on the results of your urinalysis and your unique health situation. What is healthy and right for you may not be healthy and right for another. This is true even when it comes to daily water intake.

Daily Water Intake 2

Too little water will lead to dehydration, but too much water can also cause problems. Your kidneys are your body’s main water distributors. They have a big job, and if they’re not functioning optimally, you’ll experience symptoms like low back pain, nighttime urination, swelling, joint pain, arthritis, excess or diminished libido, prostate difficulties or menstrual problems. If you carry excess weight, your kidneys have more work to do and drinking too much water could put a strain on your already tired kidneys.

For this reason, we advise that you have a daily water intake of 48-60 oz. This amount generally keeps you hydrated and your kidneys healthy. Your daily water intake may be increased by your SHAPE practitioner based on your urinalysis results and overall health. Celtic Sea Salt® and pH Concentrated Minerals can help your kidneys with water distribution. In addition, the SHAPE Drops contain ingredients that help maintain fluid balance.