When you begin your SHAPE Program journey, we encourage you to start simple. Phase I might be an entirely new way of eating and cooking for you and we want you to feel confident and successful right from the start.

If you’ve found yourself struggling on the program, try going back to basics with simple Phase I meals. Many find simplifying the program helps them to recalibrate and continue seeing success.

We have put together ten simple, one-pan meals to make your Phase I journey easy and delicious:

How do I count a serving?

With each of the SHAPE Certified recipes (and most of the others), we have included serving sizes. At the top of the recipe page, you’ll see how many servings are in the full recipe*. The Egg Roll in a Bowl recipe has 4 servings.

At the bottom of the recipe page, you’ll find “Notes.” Here, we have listed what each serving contains. For Egg Roll in a Bowl, one serving is 4 oz. of protein and 2 cups of vegetables.

You can portion the servings by dividing the skillet into four equal parts, and spoon onto a plate or into a storage container.

The majority of the recipes are organized this way, where you’ll be dividing the full recipe into portions rather than measuring volume (number of cups).

*You can change the number of servings at the top of the recipe and it will adjust the amounts needed for the recipe. This will not, however, change the content in the recipe notes.