In your SHAPE Program Guidebook, we included four different charts for tracking your success on the SHAPE Program and beyond. If you do not want to write in your guidebook or need a larger space to write, we have provided all four here in this article for you to download and print.

Tracking your success will help you stay focused, achieve your goals and learn more about yourself throughout your SHAPE Program journey.


Success Tracking Chart

The Success Tracking Chart gives you an opportunity to remind yourself of your WHY every week.

You can also write in your shorter-term, weekly goals. For each day, document the foods you ate, the portion sizes or simply a check mark to indicate you’ve included all of the food groups for the day.

We have also included a space to record your weight (if this is one of your goals) and other aspects of your day that could affect your progress.

For instance, if you are doing Phase I: Fast Track Cleanse and your weight increases 2 lbs. overnight, you can glance at your Success Tracking Chart and see if something from the day before may have caused that increase. Have you been constipated? Did you exercise more aggressively? Did you get enough sleep? This is also helpful for your SHAPE practitioner to know how best to support you.

It is helpful to remind yourself of those non-scale victories, as well, when you see your weight fluctuate. Reduction in pain, better sleep, more energy, clear mind, etc. are equally (if not more) important than the number on the scale.

The next section is “How I feel,” which gives you a chance to slow down and reflect on your emotional health and the bigger picture.

It’s difficult to remember everything you wanted to ask your practitioner the day of your appointment. With the Success Tracking Chart, you can write down these questions as they come up. Just remember to bring your notes with you!

Download the Success Tracking Chart here.

Monthly Measurements

Some SHAPE practitioners will take measurements during your regular appointments, while some may have you measure at home. Either way, this chart will help you watch your progress and how your body changes throughout your SHAPE Program journey. Your measurements and how your clothes fit are often more significant than the number on the scale.

Download the Monthly Measurements chart here.

Phase II Food Reintroduction Chart

In Phase II, you will begin adding back foods that were eliminated in the Phase I Cleanse. Phase II is the most important of the three phases. It is in Phase II that you stabilize your brain chemistry (and metabolism if weight loss was one of your goals). It is vitally important that you do not add any of the foods from the “Foods to Avoid in Phase II” list in the Program Guidebook.

We recommend adding foods from the Phase II Additional Foods list slowly, one new food group each day. Then, pay attention to how you feel and note any inflammatory reactions such as:

  • Brain fog
  • Congestion
  • Digestive issues such as gas, bloating, diarrhea or constipation
  • Fatigue
  • Fluid retention (unable to remove rings at the end of the day, unable to make a fist after a long walk and sock impressions on the leg or ankle are signs of fluid retention)
  • Headaches
  • Joint or muscle pain
  • Mood changes
  • Skin reactions
  • Weight gain

Write your notes in the appropriate fields in the chart. Phase II is an incredible opportunity to learn what foods work best for your body. It’s possible one of your favorites or even “healthy” foods could be the cause of your previous symptoms. With the information gleaned through using this chart, you will know exactly how to maintain your success and live your best and healthiest life.

Download the Phase II Food Reintroduction Chart here.

Phase III Carbohydrate Reintroduction Chart

In Phase III, you will begin adding back the carbohydrates you eliminated in Phases I and II.
When you reach Phase III, you have cleansed your body and stabilized your brain chemistry. Now, it is time to live according to what you have learned.

We don’t believe that everyone should avoid carbohydrates (beans, corn, grains, root vegetables and sweets) forever. This chart will help you determine what foods are right for you, or worth it, and which ones aren’t.

For instance, if you have some wheat and experience serious stomach pain and digestive upset, you know wheat may be something you want to avoid forever. But, if you have some rice and feel tired, but not uncomfortable, it may be something you want to enjoy once in a while.

One caveat about adding back carbohydrates: Sugar, or sweets (baked goods, candy, soda, etc.), are inflammatory for everyone. You may not have noticed inflammatory symptoms before the SHAPE Program, but you likely will notice after cleansing and stabilizing. Sugar affects people differently, but it is always wise to enjoy very sparingly, if at all.

Download the Phase III Carbohydrate Reintroduction Chart here.

Another way to track success is by keeping a food diary. Check out our food diaries here.

We hope you enjoy having these resources to track your success on your SHAPE Program journey.