The ball dropped in Times Square, a volley of fireworks exploded, and the year turned over to 2019! This fresh start feels like a prime time to make healthful resolutions and lifestyle improvements, some of which invariably involve our appetites and metabolisms. Today we’ll take a glance at five dōTERRA essential oils that can help support you in reaching your health goals over the next twelve months and beyond! The following five oils blend spectacularly to deliver powerful benefits: Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger, and Cinnamon.

Grapefruit is where we’ll start: top uses of this fresh, cold pressed citrus rind include supporting overall detoxification and emotional balance. Apply to bottoms of feet or enjoy aromatically to increase motivation while dieting or trying to lose weight. Grapefruit’s floral, fruity notes uplift the mood while supporting a healthy metabolism, which can provide a valuable boost in fat-burning and busting efforts.

Lemon, another cold pressed citrus rind, is dōTERRA’s best-selling essential oil! This distinction is due to both its household familiarity and its wide variety of practical uses. When it comes specifically to supporting the body’s metabolism, Lemon is energizing, refreshing, and cleansing, helping to support healthy digestion. Its bright and uplifting aroma also promotes a positive mood, which is a must when making big lifestyle changes!

Peppermint, also a familiar name and scent, has some lesser known tricks up its sleeve. Did you know Peppermint can be used aromatically to help suppress appetite, assisting in the war on food cravings? Invigorating and cooling, this minty aroma carries potential far beyond the typical toothpaste and mouthwash applications it automatically brings to mind.

Ginger has been used for centuries and is still going strong in 2019. Ginger is known for its hot, spicy flavor in the culinary world, and as an essential oil it also provides stimulating digestive support. Try diluting Ginger with dōTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil and rubbing topically over the lower abdomen for a soothing massage.

Cinnamon also has metabolic support applications. In addition to delivering its valuable immune support, a welcome gift at any time of year, Cinnamon aids in healthy digestive functioning and can serve to suppress the appetite. Warm, sweet, and spicy, keep this oil on hand to promote healthy metabolic function.

From weight management to boosting a sleepy metabolism and managing cravings, these five essential oils may be just what you need to set a positive mood and get to work on achieving your new year’s health goals. From January to December, you can use dōTERRA essential oils to help support your mind and body as you do what only you can do – be you!