While on your SHAPE Program journey, you may experience more than just a physical detox, you also might begin an emotional detox. So, if you’re feeling extra emotional, quick to cry, moody, irritable, extra angry or a little bit crazy, you are probably going through a vital part of your wellness journey: emotional detox.

What is an emotional detox?

It makes sense that the cells in your body can store excess toxins, hormones and fat. But did you know your cells can also store negative emotions? The concept may be strange, but it’s an important one to explore so that you experience the greatest success on your SHAPE Program journey. Often, the reason people relapse and go back to old unhealthy eating habits is because they have unresolved emotions that are affecting their well-being. It’s difficult to feel your best physically when you’re not well emotionally.

Stored or trapped negative emotions act a lot like stored toxins. When you don’t deal with your negative emotions, you suppress them, keeping them inside. Just like toxins, negative emotions have to go somewhere. Your body’s defense mechanisms push these negative emotions as far away from your vital organs as possible and into visceral fat cells. When you begin reducing inflammation, boosting your immune system and physically cleansing with the SHAPE Program, a natural side effect is releasing weight. When those fat cells begin to be released, the negative emotions are released, as well. It’s the beginning of an emotional detox.

If you’re a person who tends to suppress anger, then a few days to a few weeks into the SHAPE Program you may experience more anger in general or even outbursts. If you tend to suppress fear or sadness, you might start feeling more anxious or depressed. This is normal and a healthy part of the emotional detox process. It is important that you allow these emotions to be expressed.

What can I do if I experience emotional detox?

To help with the emotional detox process and increase your chances of long-term success, we recommend you work with a mental health professional, such as a therapist, counselor or life coach.

MOOD Balance is an excellent support supplement that can be used alone or with the SHAPE Program to help promote emotional balance.

SELF ReClaimed is another excellent resource that uses three successful therapies: Positive PsychologyCognitive Behavior Therapy and Bibliotherapy to help you work through the emotions that arise during an emotional detox.

The Mental Well-Being Checklist is a great way to evaluate your mental health and well-being and determine whether you might benefit from adding emotional support on your SHAPE Program journey.